"The ministry of Children's feeding Network in Missouri has many faces. Our purpose can be summed up with three words " Rescue, Recovery and Restoration ".

There are three groups of people we aim to help. First is the group who need our "Rescue" ministry. These people need food but have no money. There are many people in this area who are living in the woods who have nothing or very little. For these people, we have provided food and clothing without cost to them. Many children go to school hungry or come home to no food in the refrigerator. These are the people we "Rescue."

The second group of people need our "Recovery" Ministry. These people are recovering economically and can use assistance. Children's Feeding Network is working here in Missouri under regional authority of "Mountain Mover Ministry" and “Smart Choice Food” provide food to families all over Missouri for up to 1/2 of the cost that they can get it in local markets. If people can save on their food bill once a month, we have empowered them and given assistance in their economic recovery. This assistance is provided as an outreach of the local church and introduces families to the local churches who are host sites in their area.

The third group of people are living in the sufficiency of life that is our end purpose. This is our "Restored" group of people. Working with Acts University, we are beginning a school of skill development. We are working towards helping people develop careers that will bring them success.  Many veterans that come home from serving in Iraq or Afghanistan find that what they knew or the company they were working for is no longer in existence. They need training in relevant work. We work with employers to find their needs and produce those who are qualified.

"People need to be restored in their personal lives, their family lives and in the area of work and business. Children's Feeding Network is committed to reach out to people and bring them into their destiny that is theirs through the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ." - Don Matison, CFN V.P.