We are excited to present this opportunity to you to give into what we feel the new model of helping the poor should be. It is better to help someone become "self-sustainable" than to give a one time handout. Your donations often represent your own sweat and labor, you certainly want it to go as far as possible.

With the Perpetual Seed Gift Program, your donation will go to help someone we have preselected, who is ready in life to start a micro-business that will create funds that they will be taught to use to keep their business going as well as take profit to help their family and community. The seed gift you provide will give the boost they need to get the ball rolling and help a family or community improve their lives significantly.


Here are a few examples of Seed Gift Programs we are involved in:

1.  A $1,500 seed gift donation has been given to an Indian tribe in Panama.  This gift will pay for a complete chicken coup and 150 chickens and feed, so they can do a rotational chicken program.  Every 45 – 55 days they will raise enough chickens to slaughter, sell, and feed the children in their village COMPLETELY from now on – with rice, beans, and chicken.  The chickens that they sell to the community will provide the rice and beans, and some of the chickens they keep to eat.  This ONE TIME SEED GIFT, if allocated properly, will never end and will be a constant supply for the children. We give them instruction on how to keep their seed gift protected so that the business will be self-sustaining and always a source of income and food for them.

2.  A $300 seed gift donation has been given to an INDIAN RIVER TRIBE VILLAGE which has a tribal chief who is also a Christian pastor.  Their number one need is to take care of their widows and orphans.  They bring in 25 – 50 visitors per day and do a 4 hour tour of the tribe, a tribal dance, and they offer their articles for sale which they make.  But no one has ever thought to offer a customer a bottle of water or coke during their heated 4 hour stay.  So we have provided them with enough drinks to start with 600 bottles, which they will sell and double their money.  We figured that with the tourists that they have coming in, they will make an additional $1,300 per month by selling 1 bottle of drink to each tourist in a 4 hour period.  This $1,300 will be all that is need to help these tribal widows and orphans!


3.  CFN is partnering and preparing in Panama to grow vibrant fruits and vegetables and to dehydrate them for distribution.  We are planning to do this on a larger scale, and each pepper or tomato plant has a fixed cost of $10, growing in a greenhouse 12 month environment.  What does the $10 pay for? The purchase of land, the plant itself, the greenhouse that will cover it, and the employee that will manage and maintain this plant.  In a repetitive cycle, a $10 pepper plant will grow up to 450 pounds of peppers, and a tomato plant will grow up to 900 pounds of tomatoes over the next 25 years (the effective life of the greenhouse).  Using the Sun Model non profit business plan, CFN will sell some of the produce into the national market to pay the bills and employee salaries. This will give us plenty of fresh food as profits so that we can give to the poor and needy - perpetually!  Just like the sun was created once and keeps on giving day after day, a non profit program that is funded once can also give day after day with no further input.  Management of the program is the key.  Knowing that you can turn $10 into 450 pounds of peppers or 900 pounds of tomatoes, just how many of those plants did you want to sponsor?  Thank you for your giving!   SEE DR. DANIEL'S VIDEO HERE.


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