Is your heart stirring to go beyond financial support and to do something that lasts for eternity?  We have connections within all of our programs and can help you if you are feeling called to "Go" and serve the nations. We can help you go to any of these countries for short or long term periods of time, plug you in with local leadership, and help you find an area where you can serve God by using your gifts and talents to help the community you plug into.



Short Term Trips: Usually what happens on these trips is that we go and get a perspective of the world outside of our comfortable USA life. We get our world rocked a little bit. Our dreams and visions for our own lives and the world get bigger and clearer while we are making a huge impact in a short period of time by feeding, caring, and building in the Third World. Our lives are changed and impacted, but short term trips also heavily benefit those that we're going to work with. We are there to jump in, get our hands dirty and get a taste of some of the needs in the world. It's a chance to see what other people are doing to help, and then ask how that affects our own visions and dreams and what we can do about the needs of the world. These trips are usually fun, hard, exhausting, eye-opening, and perspective changing.





Long Term Positions: If you feel the call to do something more 'Long Term', we have many communities throughout the world we could plug you into. Our current locations of influence are in Costa Rica, Philippines, South Africa and Swaziland where long term help is needed. Please contact us if this is something you would like more information about.