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We have lots of exciting things happening in Panama. In addition to the above food dehydration project, we are giving special donation perpetual seed gifts to these people to help them become self sustainable. We help them get what they need to start a small business and show them how reinvest their profits into seed to stay sustainable. Here are a few of those programs:



Indian Tribe Village #1:Building chicken coups and providing chickens so the program can sellsome of the chickens to buy rice/beans/vegetables, provide chickens for feeding protein to the children, and funding the next round of chicks and feed.

Indian Tribe Village #2:Providing the tribe with financial seed to build micro business in order to care for their orphans and widows in the tribe.Current perpetual gift includes water, juice, soda to sell to their tourist visitors in order to raise funds for "orphan and widow care", and education on fund management so that they will always keep enough financial seed to replace the wholesale drinks once sold to keep the perpetual seed in motion.